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Ryan at Fortnine says we are leaning the wrong way

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    What do you think? on seal should we be sitting up to turn instead of leaning over?

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    I spent over 40 years as a Physics educator trying to rid students of misconceptions such as the one discussed in this video – centrifugal force! There is no real force moving an object e.g you to the outside of a corner, it is inertia that is at play in this instance – any mass in motion will travel in a straight line unless some form of constraint force acts to change its direction and motion. The real force that is present is the centripetal force acting to the centre of the curve provided by friction between the tyres and the road. Think of a the situation of a mass being whirled around in a circle at the end of a piece of string – the only force present is the tension in the string which is acting towards your finger – a piece of string cannot push anything can it! The role of gravity (weight), reaction forces, torque and angular momentum very quickly involve physics and mathematics which are not trivial. Moral of the story – be very wary of explanations of the type featuring in this video – they are often wrong or at best incomplete.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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