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Schuberth offers 'Lady Fit' helmets

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    Schuberth is one of the few motorcycle helmet manufacturer which offer “lady fit” lids, and a recent post on their official blog shed some light on these lids. While some might thing that this is a bit overkill, we took much joy in finding out the real philosophy behind Schuberth’s special helmet line dedicated to women.

    The thing most people seem to miss is the fact that a woman’s anatomy is indeed different from that of a man, and this goes for the shape of the head and face. Women’s heads are generally smaller, and this sometimes causes frustration when it comes to choosing a helmet.

    This is the reason because some ladies end up buying cheap and seldom ill-fitting kids’ helmets. Needless to say they’re not exactly the best fit for an adult woman’s head…

    Even more, according to Schuberth studies, a helmet fitting the crown region of a woman’s head will most likely be too loose in the face area. This happens because woman tend to have narrower jaws and taller, more prominent cheek bones. Schuberth women’s helmets come with differently-sized cheek pads to cover for this problem.

    Finally, we must not forget that women are usually less muscular than males, making wearing a heavy helmet a no-no for longer hauls. Schuberth claims they manufacture lightest flip-up helmets available, making long motorcycle trips easier and more enjoyable.

    You can see more about Schuberth’s ‘Lady Fit’ helmets on Schuberths website:

    Original article:

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