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Some wiring help please! :)

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    Hello all!

    After moving back to NZ from the UK a couple of years ago I bought my KTM 1190R and XR650R. However some ill-health dampened things, and resulted in me selling the 1190R. I was thinking of selling the XR650R but I just love it too much, and it’s a bit of a project bike, a one-off.

    Health has improved and I’m looking forward to summer riding on the Honda, however I now need to get it a certificate of conformity and then registered/WOF etc.. It’s a UK bike and so over there (and the rest of the world except NZ/Oz) you don’t have to have blinkers, and so they and the controller were removed by a previous owner.

    I have bought a new left hand switch from Honda, but to be legal in NZ it is the ANZ version that does not have a “off” button for the lights. In the UK/Europe you don’t need the lights on during the day and so the left controller has a switch for lights on/off. The UK bike also has a “park light”.

    So I am trying to wire in this ANZ controller/switch into the loom of a UK bike, and need help. The confusing part for me is the AC circuit that the bike uses for some electrics and DC for other bits.

    Below are three images: the UK wiring diagram, the Australian wiring, and a sketch of the differences in switching.

    I’m sure this is easy for someone who knows their way around wires… My take is I can just blank off the White/Yellow – ignore it? The brown will be connected as per U Type. The light will be constantly on? The park light won’t work unless I put a permanent jumper between the Black and Brown wires?

    UK wiring (what my bike has):

    Australian wiring (what my bike needs):

    UK and Australian Switch diagrams:

    Any help appreciated!

    Bob Davis
    • Town/City: Coatesville
    • Bike: 2007 Yamaha WR 450F
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    Where in NZ are you ? I am not an expert, but have half a clue .. if not a whole clue ..
    happy to come over and help if you’re in Auckland ?

    • Bike: XR650R
    • Rank: 400cc Rider

    Hi Bob

    That would be awesome!

    I’m in Parnell, back from work travel on 17th July. A second pair of eyes & brain would be much appreciated! Email [email protected] if my number is not visible in my profile.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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