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Storm Eindhoven EV touring bike that does up to 380km per charge

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    STORM Eindhoven’s mission is to develop an electric motorcycle to show the world the potential of sustainable mobility. The team envisions sustainable transportation is the way to go, and convince the world of this by letting everyone experience it up close. Therefore, in 2016, the team wants to race around the world in 80 days, gaining energy by visiting its supporters. With your help, we will ride further than any electric vehicle has done before.


    Eben Venter

    Page can’t be loaded…

    Edward Brodie

    ? it’s working for me

    Edward Brodie

    and I can see half a dozen other people have been to the page

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    Wow. i do like it but damn 380kg is pretty heavy. I see why they needed a custom frame and removeable batteries! But I love the concept. I have a dream to tour or RTW on an electric…X

    Michael Eastwood

    Sustainable energy on a bike made of petro chemical plastic product. Give me Braaaaap anytime.

    Edward Brodie

    it could be hemp plastic product

    Peter Creagh

    That would only be any good if a holiday destination was less than 380km away. You would want to buy a bike that had the battery capacity to go further than you need anyway to offest the loss of charge as the battery ages.

    Peter Creagh

    Jef Murupaenga Ikenn The bulk of the weight would be in the batteries so that would be the tradeoff with any long distance electric bike.

    Joost Stenfert Kroese

    Cool bike ! From my old home town no less !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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