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Sunday stint out to Ocean Beach (the one in Wairarapa)

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    Thought I would do a quick write up on today’s ride out to Ocean Beach. Started off from a post on Facebook which went something like this –
    I am wondering if anyone would like to come along on a ride somewhere around the Wellington area and maybe give me a few hints and tips. I have been eyeing the Ocean Beach Road. I am fairly new on adventure riding, but have done Molesworth station and the Rainbow road on my 2007 XT660R.
    On the day (Sunday 6th April), there ended up being 5 of us show up Ricky and myself on DR650’s, Daniel on his 660 Tenere, Eugene on some Kawasaki (GPZ?) roadbike and the original poster, Chris Witwicky on his XT660R.
    It was dry in the Hutt but we could see clouds lurking over the Rimutakas. As we left our meeting point I found I was by myself and no sign of the others behind me. I carried on and was planning to stop at the top of the Rimutaka’s to get some footage of the guys riding past but as I started climbing the rain started and by the time I got to the top there was little visibility and the rain was steady so I decided to carry on. I thought I was taking it easy on the downhill side but obviously not easily enough because about five corners into my descent I ended up lowsiding the bike and slid along the road until the barrier arrested any further momentum (again). I quickly picked myself up off the ground before anything came around the corner and Ricky showed up to help pull the bike out from under the guardrail. Gave it a quick check over before heading down to the next stopping bay for a more thorough check. Apart from a few scratches (some significant ones on my oil filter cover and clutch cover) there was not much else wrong with the bike or rider.
    We all carried on down the hill, cautiously, and made it with no further mishaps.
    We got out to the entrance to Ocean Beach and Eugene joined us up as far as the camping grounds while the rest of us carried on. The ride out to the end was good, there was a tiny bit of drizzle for the first half but it soon stopped and the temperature was perfect. Witwicky found the sand a little challenging but made it through fine. We got to the end of the track and headed up to the picnic area for a quick break and to snap a couple of pics.

    Ricky noticed that Witwicky’s bike had oil leaking from his crankcase from where a rock must have come up and hit it. It was only a hairline crack so we mustered our tools and knowledge together and got it repaired in situ with some epoxy putty. Sat around and had a chinwag while we waited for the putty to cure before starting to make our way back out. Along the way, Ricky veered of up a track on the left and it looked like a good vantage point at the top of the visible track so I followed him closely followed by Daniel and Chris. We got to the top of the first part and the tracks kept going so we followed them for a little way before stopping to take more photos.

    Stolen from Daniel Wisner's FB Post
    Stolen from Daniel Wisner's FB Post
    We negotiated the steepish descent back down to the beach and carried on out to an understandably worried Eugene before stopping in at Featherston for some Wedges and refreshments at the pub.
    From there it was back over the Rimutaka’s and home. First group ride for 2014 done and dusted. Looking forward to many more.

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