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    One of the last remaining possible mods for the DR has arrived, but it’s not cheap at $400US.

    For more information go to: https://www.facebook.com/DR650CDI/home

    The DR650 is one of the most durable bikes on the market with a multitude of add on and performance enhancing products available. Big bore kits, carbies, suspension upgrades all readily available.
    The only thing that has been lacking from the market is a performance ignition system. Anyone who has upgraded the performance of their DR are probably well aware of the limits of the standard ignition system and unfortunately, until now, no one has come up with a system specifically designed for the DR650. Although it has been tried, modifying the bike to suit generic after market systems has met limited success. Instead of modifying the bike to suit a system I have designed, from scratch, a plug and play system to suit the DR650.

    I am a firm believer in the KISS principle so have designed it to be ‘user friendly’. There is no need to put it on a dyno and hook it up to a computer in order to map it for your bike. Instead it has built in maximum and minimum parameters that are infinitely variable ‘on the fly’. Not only can it be advanced for performance but the advance can be scaled back to aid in the reduction of ‘knocking’, which can damage your motor, in harsh conditions such as high temperatures, difficult terrain or just bad fuel.

    DR650 variable advance CDI features and specifications
    Advance is ‘on the fly’user adjustable,suitable for standard and tuned machines.No need to put on a dyno and plug into a computer to setup as it can be adjusted to suit riding conditions and state of tune while riding.
    No ‘lockouts’ or rev limiters. Will run in excess of 10 000rpm. No need to disconnect your sidestand switch as it has no affect. That nuisance orange/yellow wire has no affect either so if you lose your keys the bike can still be hotwired.

    The module is fully serviceable so it can be repaired rather than just thrown away and replaced like the factory module.

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