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    Rumours are circulating that Suzuki is going to launch a new DR BIG soon.

    The rumours come from Spanish online magazine trailridersmag.com, who say they got it direct from a source at Suzuki.

    Don’t get too excited yet though, the rumours go on to say the new DR BIG would be based around the existing V-Strom 1000 engine and frame with more off road orientated styling and suspension, rather than the big bore single of the original DR BIG.

    A V-Strom_DR Big concept mockup done some years ago by Oberdan Bezzi.

    While the V-Strom range has always needed a proper off road capable model with 21″ front wheel and more ground clearance, in my opinion if this is the case then the new model would not only not be a true DR BIG successor, it shouldn’t even qualify to carry the DR moniker.

    ’s original Suzuki DR Big

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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