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T7 Tail tidy

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    • Bike: YAMAHA T7
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    Hi everybody,

    Recently bought and fitted a B&B off-road tail tidy for my T7, and thought id post a few thoughts in case anyone else was considering one of these.

    First up the sale and dispatch was excellent and package arrived in under three weeks in spite of current freight problems with Covid and Christmas. The finish and look of the unit is great, but there are a couple of things about it that rather annoy me: There has been no consideration for a red reflector to be fitted, and the rather nice little LED plate light supplied comes with just a pair of bare wires attached, and the installer has to butcher the original harness and solder it in. No Biggie, but if its ready to bolt on then I would have expected it came with the cable and the correct plug on it.
    The holes in the mount are spaced differently than the original Yamaha tail, so a pair of new holes need to be drilled through the number plate, and oddly to get the plate placed centrally, the holes need to be offset from the original ones, so once fitted it does rather look like it was fitted by someone that had had one too many beers while fitting it with a pair of holes in odd places….

    Otherwise it is a good looking unit, and probably worth the effort. I have passed my thoughts back to B&B – without response.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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