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    Flexible panniers have many advantages over traditional panniers.

    TARK vs aluminum panniers.

    Aluminum panniers are heavy. One pannier weighs usually 5-6kg or even more. TARK panniers weigh only half of that. It means you can pack lighter or take additional items with you. Remember, panniers are mounted far back on bike and influence seriously bike’s handling especially when fully loaded!

    Aluminum panniers will bend and break. Have you seen travelers videos where they beat aluminium panniers back to shape after hitting rocks or crashing or experienced it even yourself? Because aluminium is very stiff, every crash will create enormous dynamic forces and overload pannier construction, bending them out of shape and destroying rivets thus making them not waterproof or even not usable or, even worse, bend your bike subframe or frame itself. TARK panniers deform very easily and function like airbags for your bike, absorbing crash energy and not carrying it over to bike’s frame. And while they deform easily, it’s also simple to push them back to shape after crash. And because they are designed to flex, they remain waterproof also after many crashes.

    Aluminum panniers will break your legs. What happens, when you crash with your bike and your leg will be pinned between ground and hard edge of aluminium pannier? Your bone is probably the weakest point in this scenario no matter how good boots you have. TARK panniers are flexible, it means they don’t concentrate all the weight to one single point but spread it over wider area thus saving your legs and your trip.

    TARK vs plastic panniers.

    All plastic panniers are not the same. For most people, plastic is plastic and they distinguish it only by color. That’s not true. There are many different materials with very different properties. Most common material for motorcycle panniers is currently ABS. It’s cheap, rigid and easy to manufacture – that’s why they use it! TARK panniers are made from HDPE. Most important difference between these two materials is elongation at break. When ABS will break at 5-25% elongation, HDPE will usually withstand over 300% (3 times!) elongation without breaking. It means that pannier made from ABS will shatter to pieces after relatively minor deformation while HDPE will withstand even total collapse – you can actually ride with truck over them and they remain functional!

    Standard plastic panniers are not repairable. If you crash and break those little tabs holding pannier to your bike, there is usually no other option than to buy new set of panniers. TARK panniers have 100% bolted and replaceable hardware which makes them easy and cheap to repair should you manage to break them.

    TARK vs soft textile panniers

    Soft panniers are not lockable. Even if you use cable locks or other similar solutions, they will attract thieves. And using these measures requires always a lot of time. TARK panniers are conveniently lockable to protect your gear by simple push of a button.

    Soft panniers require additional raincovers or inner bags to be waterproof. This means additional time and complexity. Would you like to mess with dirty straps every time you need your raincoat or jacket? TARK panniers provide easy access to your gear by efficient and waterproof top loader design.

    Reasonably sized soft panniers require pannier racks too. Otherwise you risk with melting them against hot exhaust, tearing to pieces with rear wheel, scraping your bikes shiny plastics or influencing dangerously your bike handling with heavy bags moving around. TARK panniers have universal mounting adapters which can be fixed to most pannier racks available in the market. Mounting panniers to racks is fast and secure.

    Find out more at: http://www.tarkadventure.com/

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