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The Birthday Run – 16th Dec' 18

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    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    Warning – truly hardcore content. Read at your peril…

    Mum’s birthday Monday (she’s 81, not in the best of health, thank you for asking), & I’d finally got the sidecar repaired after the Slidecars in the Top of the South sojourn. I decided I’d take a ride up to see her on Sunday, via Wairarapa, to avoid the traffic chaos that is SH1 at present.

    Mrs Box.a.bits decided she’d like to come along, so that changed the dynamic a bit, but okay, that’s what the sidecar is really all about.

    Spent Saturday night exorcizing a wee wobble from the brake disc that was pushing the brake pucks back into the caliper. A double pump on the brakes is not ideal. And after that work, yahoo, we have functional brakes again.

    Moderately quick trip over the Remutaka’s, slightly overcast day, but clearing as we went along.

    An early lunch at Wild Oats Cafe in Carterton, mushrooms on toast for Madam & a big breakfast for Sir. Oh, and lots of coffee.

    Bypassed Masterton, took the back way thru Mauriceville, but oops, ‘Houston, we have a problem’. The sidecar seems to have a mind of its own, and has turned right into Bowen Rd, a tight narrow, grass-up-the-centre gravel road. Bugger, don’t know how that happened. That leads onto Maungaoranga Rd, a super highway of a gravel road, & wouldn’t you know it, a short cut to Eketahuna. Perhaps the sidecar knew where it was going after all.

    Thru Mangamaire, linking onto the Pahiatua Track, & round to mum & dad’s. Then Mrs Box.a.bits admitted she enjoyed the ride, even after the noise about the gravel.

    A couple of hrs later, seems only fair we visit Mrs Box.a.bit’s mum. Only issue was she wasn’t there, so we burgled the place, had a cup of tea, & made ourselves comfortable for an hour or so. When it became apparent she wasn’t coming home for dinner, we left.

    Because it was now late, Mrs Box.a.bits determined we would be best to go straight down SHI. I need to make it clear here that this was against my firm protests.

    Now the sidecar was a bit thirsty on the South Island trip, & we’d done a few kms since Remutex, so I decided to see what we’d get from a tank. We hit first reserve at Ohau, which didn’t last long at all, & quickly flicked across to second reserve. Should easily make Otaki. Oops, no, we ran out just outside of the township, before the bridge. Bugger. Only 14 or 15 kms between Ohau & Otaki. May need to replace the petcock straws…I think

    While we were sorting that out, a Nissan Skyline screamed past, between two lanes of heavy traffic, down the double yellow lines, & heading north, closely followed by 2 police cars. We were sure we were about to witness a fatality. The cops really really wanted to talk to that guy. But I don’t think they did (later we saw more cops, waiting with spike strips).

    Walked with the tank to get a litre of gas at the BP (45 mins in broiling heat), and was lucky enough to get a ride back. In the interim, Mrs Box.a.bits entertained a couple of motorcyclists who stopped to help, & some passing tourists on cycles, who had a ½ litre of fuel, which would just have done the trick. Oh, & I was passed by the AA serviceman, who I’d originally decided not to disturb.

    Fueled up again, after yet another trip to the BP, & we enjoyed a smooth trip from there on. Until the expressway, just after the last turnoff into Paraparaumu. Where we hit traffic. Which was fully stopped. At first it was novelty. Mrs Box.a.bits was riding along without a helmet for a bit there, so she could snack & talk, & chat with the kids in the car ahead of us. But that soon paled. Inched along for the next 2 & ½ hrs thru to Mackey Crossing. Clutch & engine really didn’t enjoy that. We did consider the breakdown lane – on a solo that would have been more of an option.

    No, that blurriness is your eyes – really. All my pictures are perfect

    Home at about 9.00. A bit of an adventure, what….I think we’ll avoid SH1 for a bit now.

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