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    We’ve all had that one bike that in hindsight we regret selling, what was yours?

    For me it was my mildly modded R80G/S with larger R100GS Bumblebee tank, custom rider seat and full staintune exhaust

    This bike was so much fun, light weight for a big bike at ~185kg wet, low CoG, and with a very responsive throttle.

    Share what your regretful sale was, it doesn’t have to be an adventure bike.


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    ’82 XL250r. Nothing flash. Bought it 6years ago, cheap with a busted motor, patched up with slightly less knackered parts. Was a pearl of a bike,quiet, comfy low seat, 6speed, simple as an axe.
    Several thousand km’s later decided to move to bigger better bike. Stupid, stupid, should have just kept it.
    Bigger aint always better……

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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