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Tourist driver on wrong side of the road hits motorcyclist

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    What can be done about tourists coming to NZ and causing so many injuries and deaths on our roads because they can’t drive on the correct side?

    I’ve driven and ridden 25-30,000 miles around Europe on the right hand side of the road and while there are a couple of situations where it requires you to think about what side of the road you need to be on I didn’t find it that difficult.

    From: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/67420445/campervan-in-crash-on-wrong-side-of-road

    Campervan in crash ‘on wrong side of road’

    A motorcyclist remains in hospital with serious injuries after colliding with a campervan on the West Coast.

    The crash happened on State Highway 6, north of Punakaiki, just after 5pm on Friday.

    A St John spokesman said a male was flown to Christchurch Hospital with serious injuries.

    Westport man Charlie Elley, who came across the crash scene on Friday, said the victim was a “local lad” from Westport.

    He understood the driver of the campervan had been on the wrong side of the road.

    “We’re hearing too often … of accidents caused by potentially a foreign driver being on the wrong side of the road and from this one it was pretty obvious from the point of impact and the skid marks on the road that that’s what happened.”

    The stretch of road where the crash happened was “very narrow” and he was shocked the campervan driver did not notice the cliff face was “next to her door”.

    “Why she didn’t react I don’t know. The motorbike rider didn’t have any chance. I hope he makes a full recovery.”

    The Greymouth Star reported the motorcyclist was in his late 30s and suffered a broken wrist, a broken arm and a compound fracture to his leg.

    The injuries required six hours of surgery and he remained in hospital on Monday.

    Elley said West Coasters were “sick” of crashes and incidents of dangerous driving involving tourists.

    He believed rental vehicle companies needed to install lane departure cameras in their vehicles, which were “readily available overseas” and affordable.

    “They clip onto the dash or mirror and recognise the white centreline should be to the right of the camera frame and start beeping if it’s not.”

    Driver education also needed to be improved, including ensuring tourists were aware they could not stop in the middle of a state highway to take photographs, Elley said.

    “I think it’s just a misunderstanding [about New Zealand conditions]. I think they see us as a small, deserted south Pacific isle.”

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    I was over at Xmas and into the New Year, as a tourist I soon found out that the people you had to watch out for was other tourist. I found the vast majority of Kiwi drivers were very friendly towards bikers I did 5300 miles around the South island during my stay so I think I came across most situations.
    I was coming out of Milford Sound down hill towards a left hander, I saw a couple of coach loads of people at the road side taking photo’s to my right, they suddenly looked up and started shouting, I was thinking “what the bloody hell do they want me to do” I thought it was a shout out for me to do a wheelie or something. Then I saw the car coming around the corner on my side of the road, now here’s the rub, do I go to my right so I’m on the wrong side of the road ? If I do that will he swerve to his left to regain his correct side of the road ? Do I stay on my side of the road and hope or do I go to his offside and go for the kerb?
    The driver who was looking up at the mountains became aware of the shouting and waving so looked up, he swerved to his left slightly then straighten his car still on my side of the road and then continued looking up at the mountains. I went for the verge to my left going down his offside luckily that day I had taken my panniers off, as I rounded the corner all I could see behind me was 2 coach loads of people shouting at the driver, so I left them to it. I pretty sure he never saw me.
    Stickers in all hire vehicles, hire companies to get the hirer to sign an agreement that he understands which side of the road to drive on in English and their native tongue. But driver driving with jet lag are always going to be dodgy.

    cheers Spud

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    Wonder if the bike was legal? Still, no excuse for NOT keeping left aye!

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