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TSS Ride – White Rock & Tora. 26th May '19

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    TSS RIDE – WHITE ROCK & TORA 26th May 19:
    Caught the ride invite via Farcebook, decided that the weather, destination, & timing was right, & told Mrs Box.a.bits I was outta-here.

    On the drone down the Motorway realised I’d left my camera & GPS at home. Oh well, I know the way & the cell phone will have to do.

    Rather than meet at TSS, or Remutex, I decided to leg it across to Martinborough first, to ensure I was set to go. No traffic on the Remutaka’s. Topped off fuel at the BP, then took a strategic seat at the front of the Village Cafe, to indulge my coffee addiction. A Bowl Latte & a heated herb & cheese scone later, & I could see some activity down at the BP, so time to go.

    Two out of these four riders may have gotten a little ‘close’ during the ride. But in this inclusive society, we are comfortable with that…

    15 Riders, no pillions, so no monkey material…Mainly KTMs (there may have been a 790R), but also an Africa Twin, Tenere 660, DR650, KLR650, F650GS, G650GS & G310GS in there. Gus fitted right in, given he’s running KTM forks, & is a member of the 2nd most represented brand there – he has a bob each way..

    Volunteered for Tail End Charlie detail. Fairly recognisable I guess, & no issues with people following me, getting confused by the sidecars different cornering speeds.

    Out thru Te Muni Rd (might have made a mistake volunterring to TEC – it’s a bit dusty back here), then onto the seal at White Rock Rd, passed the wind farm, oops nearly missed a left corner when I got caught out with an unexpected camber change on the way down the big hill. Perhaps I should slow down.

    Regroup Tuturumari (well, Stuart was waiting for me – the rest had gone on), back into gravel. Relative speed is down but compartive to the group, mine has gone up. Caught the tail enders fairly quickly & started a stop / start progression to keep myself amused. Chase down the slower riders, stop, take some pictures, lose the coffee, catch the slow riders…

    This photo isn’t out of focus. It’s your eyes. Have you thought about getting them checked recently?

    The day was a lot better than I expected, & I started getting warm. Open the zippers to let from heat out.

    Regroup again at White Rock, time to break out the gingernuts. No one but Stuart was keen to do the Ngapotiki Station gates. But got a splash & dash with Stuart, then got to chase down the slower riders again.

    Self levitating rocks. Amazing what wonders the South Coast holds…

    Individual dust clouds. This picture could have been taken anytime in the last century…

    Regroup at Tuturumari Y intersection & out to the Tora loop. Seal, then Gravel. This road is a bit more travelled, has finer gravel, & far less of a crown in the road. Took in the sights on the Te Awaiti Rd, & realised my odo is showing 200 kms ridden – and I have a 240ish km range. Lucky I have 5 litres stashed in the boot, but did we really do 200 kms from the last fill? Worried about this all the way back to Martinborough… Sandwiches at Tora.

    Whadda ya trying to say…

    Part way back two riders ahead got distracted & tried to take each other out. No real consequences this time. Just an indicator & a tank badge.

    Fueled at Martinborough. Only 14 litres to full, so I can’t have reset the ODO at the last fill. Getting around 11kms /litre.

    Back to the Royal Hotel at Featherston – fries & another Latte , then home early.

    Anyone want to wash a slightly grubby sidecar?

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