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    Wairarapa Wanderings – Sun 10th Mar
    The ride was advertised thru Motomart’s email list a few weeks ago, & the weather reports mid week indicated that Sunday would be fine. I haven’t had my gravel fix for weeks now & I was itching to get out. But as the day rolled around, the forecast changed (as they often tends to do), & it became increasingly drizzly.

    After the big dump on Friday (which I ended up in the middle of), I’d decided I’d flag it, but by Saturday my gear had mostly dried out & I was keen again. After all, it’s only rain. Pretty sure I won’t melt. And playing in the mud is fun, right? It’s hard to fall off sidecars – you have to really try. Probably…

    Mrs Box.a.bits wasn’t interested. Doesn’t do rain. And she has a cold.

    Sunday 10th Mar, 9.30am start (quite civilised for a Sunday…). Carol – G650GS, Chev – G310, Margaret – F700GS, Damon & Julie R1200, Phil – R1200, Rowan & Ang – R1250. Okay, lets do this.

    The long drone thru thru’ to the Masterton bypass then regroup.

    There’s some interest in the sidecar, I’ve extolled the virtues of the sidecar, & Ang’s switched from pillion to sidecar monkey. Wave Margaret thru – yes I’m happy to do Tail End Charlie.

    Ang’s cellphone photo, taken by Margaret

    Here’s what was cycling thru my head for this ride

    Peeled off SH2 onto Opaki-Kaipoaroro Rd, left into the 1st gravel of Jacksons Line. Cool, I think Ang gets the sidecar, lets get some slides going & see how that goes.

    Maybe need some distance back from the other riders – we seem to be catching them too fast.


    North Rd & back onto Opaki-Kaipoaroro Rd, then left into Bowen Rd. Whoops, the tub seems to have flown of it’s own accord coming into Bowen Rd. Lets hang back from the group for some more room. Then, lets play on my current favourite road.

    Right into Maungaoranga Rd, left into Mangamahoe Central Rd. Bit of a break, & a chat at Bartons Line. Ang is still keen on the sidecar, excellent. Left onto Rte 42, then right into more gravel on Daggs Rd.

    At the Te Ore Ore Rd –Biddeford Rd / Masterston – Castlepoint Rd intersection regroup, a massive puddle, taken at speed. Whoops, just a little deeper than expected. But we were all wearing wets anyways, so no harm – no foul. I wasn’t being sworn at (too much), so must be all good.

    Off to Gladstone Pub for a drink & lunch

    Ang’s cellphone photo

    Nice ride, hopefully I haven’t blotted my copy book too much with Ang, had a good day.

    Fairly clagged in going over the Remutaka. Missed having ballast for all the tight left handers over there. Home earlier than usual – that’s normally just on or after dark.

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    Hey cool post. My stomping ground. Let me know if you go again and tag along if you want more company.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    @harrywatson, will do, though I’m just tagging into other peoples rides myself at present, & riding when the mood strikes. I need to get around to doing some more riding organised thru here.

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