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Where to get a KLR in Wellington?

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    I’m new to NZ. Actually I’m not even there yet. But I might be in a few weeks.
    I will need a new ride for touring the country.
    Naturally a KLR is the obvious choice.
    I’ve had an 08 before and then an F650GS (800cc).

    So my question is, where do I get one?
    I’d really rather not buy a new one since I don’t know if I’ll be here for longer than a year.
    Plus I’m planning on doing gravel and dirt roads which would probably wear it in quite heavily. Personally I wouldn’t mind but since I might put up to 10k km on it in a year I would imagine the depreciation would be significant.

    I have looked around a bit online but haven’t seen any used KLR’s around Wellington at all actually.

    Does anyone have any recommendations where to look?

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    A few on Trademe.


    Green one in Rangiora looks good. Lots of other bike options.

    I don’t know where you are from but NZ is not a big place. Its pretty easy to get to Canterbury to have a look at a bike and if you like it, ride it back up. Two days max, no big deal. Or get it delivered to Welly for around $500, probably less. You can ride from Auckland to Welly in a day (if you are keen). You cant buy through trademe until you get here, so why not wait and see whats out there.

    Not too many actual dirt roads here but lots of nice gravel.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I can’t see that link unfortunately, seemst to not be working for me.

    Unfortunately two days already is a lot to travel for me.

    I would have never considered traveling that long to buy something. But more importantly another thing is that I actually haven’t been driving cars for a decade. I don’t feel comfortable renting one like that without practice so getting around is very difficult without that. Hence why I need a bike.

    I personally would never buy anything, especially not a vehicle without never having seen it in person.
    Too many people try to sell junk.

    I suppose I mixed up dirt and gravelroads there. I was thinking of mainly gravel anyway. Dirt wouldn’t cause that much wear anyways, it’s the gravel that I’d be concerned about in terms of pebbles scratching up the paint if I had a new bike and needed to sell it again.

    So the bottom line is traveling for getting a bike may not rally be an option for me. Looks like there’s nothing in Wellington though, huh?

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    Im not suggesting you hire a car. We have trains, planes or buses. Have you tried googling Trademe and then searching for KLR650s??? There is at least one option in the North Island so you could do it in a day. Not hard.

    But if you have to have a used KLR and you are not prepared to go outside Wellington to look at one then you will have to wait for one to come up. Or you could buy one of the many used DR650s in Wellington, the weapon of choice for most serious Kiwi adv bikers. If you are worried about scratching it you are probably on the wrong website but suggest you buy an old scratched one, then your resale value wont be affected. Chances are you will sell it for what you paid for it. If you are worried about buying a lemon, there are plenty of new KLRs for sale under NZ10k, the dealer will deliver it for you to your door.

    Good luck

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    Here’s your bike. Yellow is the new green, or in this case blue and white.


    Unless you are in Russia, that link should work, if not go to Trademe.co.nz and punch in the id number Listing #: 1745415794

    Sounds like he is one of your countrymen!

    good luck

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    I haven’t said I wasn’t willing to travel.
    I don’t know how well public transportation works in NZ. In America it’s virtually useless, if you don’t have a car you’re stranded.
    I used Google maps to plot a route with public transport to some places on the North island from Wellington and it said it couldn’t find a single one, even for “major” cities. So I assumed that wasn’t an option.
    (I’m not American btw, but I suppose I made the naive assumption that abweywhere else but Europe wouldn’t have good public transport, my bad)

    As I’ve said, PERSONALLY I’m not worried about scratches, I’m worried about taking a brand new bike off-road, using it for only one year but taking a big financial hit because I paid for a new bike but can only sell it with significant depreciation because it has more wear than it usually would for its age.

    There are no bikes in Wellington on trade me as I’ve mentioned before.

    I will try to find out if there’s a way to find routes to travel through the country by public transport. Maybe Google is just not showing them. If there is that’s all I need.

    I’m just seeing the DR now. The link does work, thanks!

    Unfortunately though I need a bigger bike. I need something for long journeys. Ultimately I plan on circumventing the whole country. I need something to carry lots of luggage, photography gear, camping gear etc. A DR is not going to be comfortable on long rides and most of all it doesn’t have pannier racks.
    I do appreciate your suggestion though, thanks!

    But it really has to be a KLR. Or a GS but that’s going to be more expensive.
    I also just found out that apparently it may be possible to ship my GS from the UK without any import duty because I’m moving residence. So I may look into that too. But considering that will cost me 4k NZD to bring it to NZ and then ship it back again, that probably isn’t worth it.

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