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Where to get free, legal, GPS street and Topo maps for New Zealand

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    In New Zealand, autoroutable Garmin GPS Street Maps and Topo Maps are available free and legally through the NZ Open GPS Project, a group of GPS enthusiasts that take government and user provided data and compile it to work on Garmin GPS.
    In most cases loading the Maps onto your GPS device or memory card requires you to have Garmin Mapsource or Garmin Basecamp installed on your computer.

    Street Maps

    The Autorouting street maps are updated weekly and available for download on the NZ Open GPS Project website: http://gwprojects.org/forum/index.php

    Topo Maps

    Free Topo Maps can be downloaded from this page of the NZ Open GPS Project website: http://gwprojects.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1810.

    The Topo maps are rarely updated, but topographical features rarely change.
    Select the first “Download to PC” link and follow the instructions that come on the next page to install the maps.

    Once the maps are installed on your computer they will be available in Mapsource by selecting them from the drop down box just under the menu’s in the top left corner.

    Copying maps to your GPS

    To copy the maps to your GPS, select the Map Tool from the tools menu at the top of the screen, hold down the mouse over the top left corner of your map of New Zealand and drag it to the bottom right corner. You will notice the maps highlight and in on the left hand side the Maps tab now lists 10 maps.

    If you want to copy both the street maps and topo maps you will need to select each set of maps from the drop down box just under the menu’s in the top left corner and repeat the drag and drop selection using the Map Tool for each map set.

    Once you have selected all the maps you want to transfer to your GPS, select ‘Transfer to Device’ from the Transfer menu at the top of the screen. After a few seconds a small popup window will appear asking if you want to send the maps to your GPS’s memory or your GPS’s additional SD memory card if it has one, choose whichever you prefer and press OK. A progress bar will appear and you will be advised once the maps have finished transferring.

    Selecting the maps to use on your GPS unit is different for every device and I don’t have instructions or experience with them all, I suggest you RTFM (Read The F*ing Manual) for your GPS model or consult Google.

    To copy any of the GPS trackfiles we provide for download onto your GPS check out this page: https://www.adventureridingnz.co.nz/gps-tracks-rides/how-to-load-the-garmin-track-files-onto-your-gps/.

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    @nordieboy is a bit of a whiz with this stuff too. I don’t actually use the topo maps so have never installed them.

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    Try also GPS underground forum. Loads of information and maps as well. If you cannot find it there, it isn’t worth having or installing…

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    The NZ Open GPS maps are great, the most accurate you will find and updated weekly.

    They are user undateable, so become a member and if a road changes, or you find an error (very few of these now), or the routing is incorrect (it sends you the wrong way), send them the track or error and they will update the mapset, and you can download the updated map to your device.

    Also to POI’s are from Zenbu.co.nz. The most comprehensive list of POI’s and businesses in NZ. Including all petrol stations, DOC huts and campsites and just about everything else in the country. So if a petrol station, your favorite cafe, or your own business is not listed, you can edit the listing, and when the new mapset is produced, the updated POI’s will also be there.

    Why anyone would bother to use the Garmin maps on their device when these are available is a mystery to me.

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