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Zero Motorcycles DS and DS-R (Dual Sport)

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    Zero Motorcycles make a number of Electric powered motorcycles, including a Dual Sport / Adventure model.

    The Zero DS is built on the foundation of the Zero S and incorporates technology from Zero’s highly durable off-road motorcycles. The wheels are designed to be particularly lightweight and strong. In the dirt or on the street the dual sport tires maintain a tight grip and a specially engineered suspension system absorbs the bumps. The result is a dual sport motorcycle that is ready for any surface you can throw at it.

    Hp: 54
    torque: 92 ft-lb
    Top speed: 98 mph
    Range per charge: up to 158 miles (depending on battery)
    Battery life: minimum of 300,000 km (more depending on battery)
    Charge Time 1.5 hours

    For more check out: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-ds/


    Uncle Trev
    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    Nice bike, but can you get them in NZ? Would love to at least test ride one.

    • Bike: CBR250RR, DR350, WR450
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    180 pies worth with the 11.4 kWh battery pack. Interesting machine for sure.

    • Town/City: Tauranga
    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
    • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

    Their website says there’s no dealers in NZ

    Martin Doohan
    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    Had an email from a bloke I know today he has organised a “demo” tomorrow.
    “Hello Friends,
    If you are curious about electric motorcycles, come join us in East Tamaki at 1pm on Sunday 1 March to see and test ride these amazing bikes!
    They are like nothing else you’ve ever ridden!
    See the attached flyer for details and location and see http://www.zeromotorcycles.com for more information about the bikes.
    Please pass this along to anyone else who may be interested.
    021 313 449”

    “Doug Smith is visiting NZ from the US and has brought a couple of
    2013 Zero electric bikes. He does not represent Zero in any way – just
    an enthusiast who’s keen for people to have the electric motor bike
    experience. The two bikes are 2013’s. One is an FX with upgraded
    front brake and the other is an SR with DS off-road suspension and
    Doug and Andrew Letton – former Zero mechanical engineer now
    living in Auckland – are offering test rides.
    When: Sunday March 1 @ 1pm
    Where: Parking lot of http://www.thelighthorse.co.nz, 60 Highbrook
    Drive, East Tamaki Auckland
    Bring: Riding gear if you have it
    Info: Call Andrew Letton on 021 313 449”

    Martin Doohan
    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    From a conversation they might open a dealer in Nz depending on the interest. They’ve got them in aussie so not long for us aye 😉

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    This bike deserves it’s own category. They are not only the worlds longest and best selling electric motorcycle, but the DS has been around since 2012. The DSR is a real game changer with 144ft lbs torque and 0-100kph in 3.9seconds!! 188kgs only and 185 MILES per charge which is 300kms! NZ hwy at a constant average of 95kph will give you well over 200kms range, so this bike is absolutely ridable and without major range anxiety. Add to this the ability to quick charge on board as an extra (45min to 80%) or a powertank that gives you a bit more battery for 40miles more or 65km…so close to 250km highway kms per charge!!

    You can see from the exclamation points, I’m very keen. The price is steep and importing makes it a 30k bike if bought new. No thanks, but I’m all over a good used one if I see it (and I’m looking). A friend, Tony, has just bought and brought the first one into NZ via Australia, and it lives in Wellington with NewZeroland, my other mate. Lots of good stuff south, but I promise you one is coming north very soon…

    Can’t wait for 2017 improvements!

    • Town/City: Tauranga
    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
    • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

    I shared Tony’s stuff a while back, it’s interesting reading.

    New ZeroLand

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