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New Zealand has a wealth of great places to ride and lots of those places are found through local knowledge, especially the more out of the way tracks. Now you have a place to share that knowledge and discover tracks from other riders.

Due to volume the tracks are divided into North Island and South Island sections. One each page you will find a Google Map that you can zoom in and out and the track will show up as a line on the map, underneath each map is also a altitude graph of the terrain. If you have a Garmin GPS you can download a 50 point or 250 point GPS track file to load into your GPS, according to your GPS’s capabilities.
To keep your Garmin GPS updated with the latest NZ road data visit the NZ Open GPS Project: http://nzopengps.org/

Each track page contains a brief overview of the track plus a quick review of the suggested skill level of the rider, track terrain type, river crossings etc. These recommendations are based on dry summer conditions, attempting to ride any of these tracks in winter or after a week worth of rain will significantly alter the difficulty level and rider experience and tyre requirements and track conditions cannot be predicted. For example, in mid-summer The Old Whangamomona Road is a bone dry dust bowl and can be ridden on any tyres in about 40 minutes by an intermediate skill level rider. In winter however the same track turns into a muddy quagmire due to it’s clay base and even the most extreme knobbly tyres are barely sufficient. The same trip in winter has taken 4 ½ hours to travel the ~18 kilometres from Whangamomona to the Bridge to Somewhere.

Please Note:

On any ride each rider needs to be realistic of their capabilities, experience and skill level, the suitability of their bike for the track, and the tyres fitted to their bike.
It’s no fun for you, or your riding partners, if you are continually falling off or have exhausted yourself trying to pilot your bike through conditions that are beyond your current skill level, you have tyres fitted that are not suitable for the terrain, or you are riding a track that is not suitable for your bike due to it’s size and/or weight. Any of these could lead to you being stranded or having to leave your bike where it lies, or in a worst case scenario serious injury or death.

All tracks should be treated as 2 way roads and some cross private land. Riders should travel these tracks with consideration towards other users and their environment as there may be vehicles, stock or pedestrians at any time. Riders should be cautious not to disturb or aggravate stock and to stay on the track.
Some tracks also involve passing through gates. All gates should be left as found, usually closed, unless a specific notice advises to leave the gate in a particular state no matter how it is found.

Check out the Adventure Riding NZ Legal Disclaimer regarding using these tracks.


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