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    Moerangi Road is a gravel road that turns into a dirt track heading up Mt Pirongia from Oparau near Kawhia. There are great views out to Kawhia harbou
    [See the full post and comment at: Moerangi Road]

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    Storm has caused some damage to moerangi rd gravel section. I didn’t go up the paper road part but apparently it’s also a bit of a mess according to locals.
    Accessible still.
    Pirongia west says closed …fallen tree and slips but motor bike can get through.

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    More photos of damage to road

    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    Next to bulldozed bit you can see where it came from

    Aaron Martin
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    We rode up there on Sunday 15th, got to the end of the gravel road, where the paper road starts, only for a local to turn up in her ute and get very angry at us, saying that we were trespassing as the road was closed, and the council didn’t want anyone using it (weird since we saw a number of other cars on the road – including her!) Apparently other motorbikes had been up earlier in the week and made a big mess?

    Then 2km later, heading back along the gravel road, another local turned up and blocked the road, then proceeded to tell us he had called the cops, and they were waiting for us back at the main road – to which we explained we were more than happy to speak to the cops about riding on a public road. That stopped him in his tracks, we rode back to the main road but unfortunately no police to be found.

    So the PUBLIC GRAVEL ROAD is a great ride, but beware the crazy local’s who really do think they own the road 🙂

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    Otorohanga DC are saying that Moerangi Road is closed to the public until further notice on their website.


    Might explain why the locals were getting a bit toey?

    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    I have to honest and say that when I went up on Thurs evening last week and took photos all the locals were very friendly and non territorial. They did all however say that the paper road was not public and to ask farmer first….as I did not intend going that far I didn’t query it.

    Maybe if a lot of riders have since been using it they have lost their patience as they wait for repairs. ?

    However as mentioned all locals were good with me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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