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Recording and using GPS tracks on your phone

If you don’t have a GPS you can still record tracks and use tracks downloaded from the Adventure Riding NZ website with your phone.
If you use one of these apps to record a track it can be exported/downloaded from your phone and sent in to us to contribute to the tracks on the site.

NZ Maps

Originally the free version of NZ Maps allowed you to download maps for the entire country from home so that when you were out and about no data connection was required and it would work without cellphone reception, now however you need to buy the Pro version for $13 for this feature, it’s still cheap however compared to $hundreds for a GPS.

With NZ Maps you can download tracks off the Adventure Riding NZ website and load them in NZ Maps on your phone to follow the tracks, and you can record your rides along new tracks and send them into us to be shared on the website.

NZ Maps lists it’s features as


Easy to use outdoor navigation app with most recent topographic maps of New Zealand, Cook Islands and Tokelau.
This app gives you similar mapping options as you might know from Garmin or Magellan GPS handhelds.

*** This Free version needs internet connection. Buy Pro version for offline usage ***

Main features for outdoor-navigation:
• Create and edit Waypoints
• GoTo-Waypoint-Navigation
• Track Recording (with speed, elevation and accuracy profile)
• Tripmaster with fields for odometer, average speed, bearing, elevation, etc.
• GPX-Import / Export, KML-Export
• Search (placenames, POIs, streets)
• Customizable datafields in Map View and Tripmaster (e.g. Speed, Distance, Compass, …)
• Share Waypoints, Tracks or Routes (via eMail, Facebook, ..)

Use this navigation app for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, climbing, riding, skiing, canoeing or offroad 4WD tours. Preload FREE map data for areas without cell service. (Pro version only)

Ulysse Speedometer.

If you aren’t worried about GPS navigation but would like to record GPS Tracklogs to share on the Adventure Riding NZ website then Ulysse Speedometer could be the app for you.

Ulysse Speedometer isn’t a GPS app as its primary function is as digital dash system. However if your phones GPS is turned on Ulysse Speedometer allows you to record a GPS tracklog of your ride. I found the GPS tracklog function of Ulysse Speedometer really easy to use. Once you have recorded your GPS tracklog it can easily be downloaded/exported so you can send it in to us to be shared on the website.

Check out Ulysse Speedometer.


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    Share information about app that allow GPS track logging or loading track files from the Adventure Riding NZ website to follow.

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    Yep, used this for mountain biking, to track the trails and then upload for the NZOGPS mappers. You can’t route with OruxMaps (currently anyway) but you can locate yourself on the map, track your movements and I believe you can upload and view tracks (haven’t done that yet).

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    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
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    If you want to record tracks to share here on the website we have several members using the Android App NZ Topo Maps Free.

    Dave Young
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    As noted in the post above, the NZ Maps app is now called New Zealand Topo Maps Free and is available through Google Play at

    I’ve been using the Pro version with preloaded LINZ Topo50 (1:50,000 scale) maps downloaded from my home Wi-Fi for offline use on my Android phone. The offline maps feature has come in handy plenty of times whilst exploring the gravel roads around Taranaki where there isn’t even a glimmer of a mobile signal. It should be noted that the GPS logging is solid but it doesn’t quite track altitude as precisely as the other GPS trackers that I’ve used.

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    So i was trying to find a way to use the garmin map files on google maps.
    All google needs is to change the file format to a KMZ format and then import this into google maps. I am not sure how well it really works compared to the app as i have not yet downloaded or used NZ Topo Maps Free, but I thought ill put this here in case there is someone else who would want to use this.

    How to import gpx into Google Maps –

    Convert the .gpx file to a .kmz file format so Google MAPS can read it –

    Mark Claasen
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    Will look into this

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    @eddieb -> maybe an option too

    I am using OSMand Maps

    It’s a offline GPS Navigation APP for Android and IOS

    The good things are:
    – its free
    – world wide maps
    – you easily could load any map and track files into it
    – you could record your tracks (export i don’t tested yet but soon)

    bad things
    – you have to get used to it
    – quite a lot to download and setup at the start
    – no topographic maps (may in the pay version)

    But for me works well and saved me a couple time the past years. By the way all map files from here working perfect with osmand

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    After some googling today it looks like the Strava app, which I believe is the go-to app for cyclists will record tracks and export them in the right format to send here into the website to share.

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    im using nz topo maps app. it has everything u need on the maps including contours, streams, building etc. and i can cache the maps offline so i only use gps and not data while riding. i havnt tried recording yet. but i installed a usb charger yesturday and will try recording today. if i cant share my trails ill try the other app.

    • Town/City: Tauranga
    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
    • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

    I’ve just downloaded this for a play, it’s motorcycle specific and the developers have been adding new features regularly based on feedback from users.

    I think the maps is an in-app purchase extra though and recording GPX tracks in due in the next update.

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