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    Lying between Middlemarch and Alexandra this area is a large expanse of rolling tussock land occasionally broken by large jagged rocks swept by a cons
    [See the full post and comment at: Serpentine Road – Long Valley Ridge Road]

    Michael J Breen

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    If you shrink the map a little you’ll see a body of water to the left and one to the top. These are Manorburn Reservoir and Poolburn Reservoir respectively. Both have great gravel access roads leading to them and a number of options out.

    The whole area is a strange ethereal place where you feel like you’ve left Earth and ended up on some desert planet you’ve seen on the movies (or indeed from the set of Lord of the Rings). You’ll be looking over your shoulder a lot wondering where those scary Orcs are hiding but rest assured; the Elven folk have banished them and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t stray too far from the road and end up turned around and confused (I’m told a bloke was lost for 2 weeks up there some years back. Perhaps that’s just the locals taking the piss?)

    Anyway, you’ll love this area and will thank me for pointing out the dams where you can take a dip to cool off after breathing in all that dust following your mates into the area.

    I left the road for a while on my enduro bike and explored out of sight of my buddies. I’m pretty sure I saw a Troll in the distance but was distracted by the half naked Faeries dancing around a small pond……………..or maybe I shouldn’t have eaten their bloody mushrooms!

    Eddie will add a couple of roads soon from the Alexandra and Ophir sides. These are other ways to get to the reservoirs and equally other worldly.

    Anyway; you get the point; go explore, it’s a wonderful place.


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    We rode the western part of Serpentine last week down to the Church it was fine for most riders but from the Church on it is only really suitable for experienced riders on smaller bikes

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