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    Taz Man on Facebook

    Top one was wedged wide open, fresh 4×4 tracks. Ended up coming back over just before 2. Other than being slippery on the wet rock she’s still an easy 3, and spooky as hell that time of night haha.Read more on

    Roger Irwin
    • Town/City: Nelson
    • Bike: DR650
    Rank: 1000cc Rider

    Unfortunately they have graded most of the Maungatapu track. All the ruts and bumps have gone and been replaced with 4WD tracks and sections of very slippery mud. Hopefully all the mud will be washed away after the next dump of rain. Possible that they are getting ready to reopen it.

    • Bike: CBR250RR, DR350, WR450
    Rank: 80cc Rider

    I went through on Sunday and didn’t really find it any more slippery that what it was so I’d say the rain has already done the trick. Worst section (wet) is still the rocks near the bottom of the Nelson side. They’ve filled in the crevices/washouts on the Pelorus side which is a good move (instead of the bare cable….).

    A few small ruts where they didn’t pack the fill down, only 2 small sections and you can blat though the middle of em all good for now.

    Starting to have a look at more of the side tracks. Some fun stuff to ride up there. Walker at summit getting a ride back from farmer after getting lost when I was heading back over at 7pm…

    Kevin Simpson
    Rank: 50cc Rider

    Can anybody give me an update on the Maungatapu Track please?

    Rank: 800cc Rider

    I went through last week, the ruts have been filled on the Pelorus side and it was dry and hard, Nelson side same as always but nice and dry so heaps of grip.

    warren shefford
    Rank: 125cc Rider

    Hi, So its open on the Nelson Maitai side? No locked gates? Need permission? Thanks

    • Bike: Triumph Tiger XCx\' DR650
    Rank: 650cc Rider

    Went through a few months ago .No probs on the crf450l but a little mission getting the tiger battletruck through the gate up near murders rock.Could get round the end of the gate but had o remove panniers etc.There is a sign at
    Rai Valley end saying road closed.Only people we encountered were a couple of mountain bikers on the Nelson side of the saddle.Dont know if your meant to get official permission or not sorry

    • Town/City: Tauranga
    • Bike: BMW R100GS, Ducati Mark 3 250 narrow case
    Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

    An injured off-road motorbike rider was winched from the Maungatapu track by crew from the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter.

    Pilot Colby Tyrrell said the crew members responded to the call-out at 1.06pm on Monday, flying to the Pelorus side of the saddle to pick up the injured rider.

    The access and presence of transmission wires made it a technical winch operation, he said.

    The man was flown to Nelson Hospital.

    • Bike: Triumph Tiger XCx\' DR650
    Rank: 650cc Rider

    Rode Through on the 11th.Track was good up until Murders rock then it was really horrible up to the gate.Pretty much fist sized shale all the way and it was raining and I was solo .After the gate it was a lovely ride out to Nelson. probably wouldn’t do it solo again with the track in current condition

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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