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Daniel Fisher

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic Taylor Pass in the forum Where to ride 1 week, 1 day ago

    Not sure on exact timing, but it’s quite short. Could kill some time stopping at the dam or taking photos. Redwood pass makes a nice loop back to Blenheim and did both late afternoon whilst I pas based there for the night. That’s Redwood Pass in photo.

  • I’d try contact Whitestar Station in Colville. I think I remember reading/hearing a while back that you could pay to ride on there. Have been meaning to ask myself. They also do accommodation, so might be able to get a foot the door that way πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic Check for chat in the forum Chit Chat 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi there, I know the feeling. When I’m at home and see a dual purpose or doppelganger go past i’m like “WAIT UP!” Perhaps on a Sat/Sun morning riding to a local haunt and striking up a convo and asks to tag along?

    I myself would be wary of posting a home addresses on a public forum, anyone can see it (I didn’t realise I wasn’t even logged in when…[Read more]

  • It will be a sad day when you move the DR on. Parting could be the way to go if there’s no interest in a well priced fully kitted out bike, although there should be you would think!? Maybe there would be more buyers for such a bike after the ABS laws come into effect. I have a friend who had been trying to sell his DR recently and ended up parting…[Read more]

  • Whatipu/Mount Donald Maclean Road is closed from Little Huia is closed until end of Jan 2022 for slip repairs. This is due to slips resulting from the storm in August.

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic The Sandpit in the forum Where to ride 6 months ago

    Went out there yesterday and had a Great day out. The main trails (Yellow/Green) had some loose soft sand even though it’s mid winter, although still manageable on the DRZ. Also the price is now $40.

  • If it’s anything like the council’s/AT’s other consultations with the public, the outcome has already been decided and is more or less just box ticking IMO.

  • <cite>@Eddieb said:</cite>
    Unfortunately the DR is back in the shed for the time being as the rego has expired and as I’m out of work I can’t renew it.

    That’s a shame mate. I can empathise with you about the feeling of not being able to ride. In between dealing/waiting with the broker, insurer, assessor, repairer and now backorder parts and…[Read more]

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic Hull Road in the forum Where to ride 11 months, 1 week ago

    Yes, it’s a great wee track in the drier months. Yet and a lot of work, with ruts capable of drowning a bike in the not so dry ones!

  • It’s a shame the TKC80 has a directional arrow on a tyre that tread seems a mirror image front to back. It Would then be a simple case of flipping it when it starts ski ramping or when you replace a rear to get more life out of it, like you would an MT21 for example.

  • Yes, sorry about that, I’m sure @eddieb will correct when he sees this. I noticed I put “Flat Fern” in the email title and description, but “Fern Flat” for the track name. Also spelt “Kaitaia” wrong. At the time I realised I was running late for an appointment so didn’t so the usual proof read. Geeezzz fire this guy!

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic Lake Road in the forum Where to ride 1 year, 2 months ago

    When I last rode past there was a tree down across the southern entrance blocking access. I was on a road bike so just zipped past without investigating. Could be storm related or a felling but looks like it’s been down for a while.

  • Also use the Kreiga OS system. Can’t compare to likes of the giant loop or other throw-overs as have no personal experience but I am quite happy with them. They can be on/off the bike very quickly and being able to customize the size of the bags you need is a good plus (this is a longer process than just strapping the saddle to/from the bike though.)

  • Daniel Fisher replied to the topic Moir Hill Rd in the forum Where to ride 1 year, 8 months ago

    Someone has recently dropped the tree by the gate at the eastern end. Can still get through but it is a bit precarious to do that with a hole on one side and a bank on the other. Unfortunate as it is an ULR, so the public should have unimpeded access.

  • Very good instructional video, thanks. I normally plan my ride in just the standard google maps on the pc and send the link to my phone, rather than using the my maps feature. That does have it’s limitations though as for a long ride or many detours I have to split into sections as you can only add several way points. Although an advantage of this…[Read more]

  • That’s a great offer Mark! I haven’t ridden Kiwi Road for a while now and must get back down that way, I’ll keep you in mind for next time. Also congratulations on your purchase, a nice part of the country.

  • Cheers guys.

    <cite>@OldBeer said:</cite>
    Do you mind me asking what bags those are?

    Its the Kreiga OS system. I think they’re great! In this case 2x OS-12 attached to the OS-Base.

  • A while ago I entered my bike into the Supercheap Auto Calendar competition. It has since made the final cut and been published in the 2020 Club Plus Calendar. Photo was taken on my phone while on a camping tour of the South Island earlier in the year. There is even a partial Adventure Riding NZ sticker to be seen too. πŸ™‚

  • If your the type that likes isolation, there are some great wee clearings on this road to pitch a tent.

  • A great campsite to stay in as a base to explore the Southern Pureora. If you are lucky enough you can even bag a wood burner/cooker and a garage for your motorbike πŸ™‚ If you go mid winter though be warned, it’s cold enough to freeze the water in your camelbak!

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