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  • <cite>@Peter Dawson said:</cite>
    Led headlight bulbs are illegal ? Even though they allow you to see better at night and be seen !?

    Well that’s an easy one. Yes, they’re illegal if it’s not OEM, or a complete headlamp replacement.

    Ed, as for things like bar risers, I find it hard to believe. The rules are not subjective, they’re black and white,…[Read more]

  • Gremlin's profile was updated 10 months ago

  • Gremlin replied to the topic Zanders Road in the forum Where to ride 10 months ago

    Yep, we had a quick explore there same day as you 🙂
    Southern end accessible (no gate etc) but northern end overgrown with grass, fence etc.

  • The road is much more overgrown now (can’t see the road closed sign for the mound of earth and grass on it), but in summer, it’s very rideable.

    The northern end starts as gravel, and you come to that road closed section. Looks like locals have deliberately let it look wild, as once through 50m odd, its flat (and there are a few farm gates onto…[Read more]

  • Gremlin replied to the topic The Tyre Thread in the forum Gear 11 months ago

    <cite>@Kiwiscoot said:</cite>
    Eishhh…best tyre replacement to consider might be a RH wrist brace!! 8?)

    Hahaha, doesn’t sound very fun, but does sound cheaper…

  • Gremlin replied to the topic The Tyre Thread in the forum Gear 11 months ago

    <cite>@Kiwiscoot said:</cite>
    I am pretty happy with them but getting a bit sick of fitting new tyres every year.

    New tyres every year? If only…
    Bought my 1090R in August, replaced the rear in September, replaced both in November (front still has life), now about to need a 4th rear in January… The rear about to die might see 3000km, a record…[Read more]

  • <cite>@Eddieb said:</cite>
    In reality how often do you use all of that 100-120HP, what percentage of your riding is at full throttle? You’re probably only using maybe 2/3’s of it. A 100-120HP motorcycle gives you the midrange power you want but 99% of people would rarely use the full power available to them regularly.

    Tyre life in reality is the…[Read more]

  • Gremlin replied to the topic Cheap ish tyres in the forum Chit Chat 1 year, 1 month ago

    <cite>@Eddieb said:</cite>
    I don’t know anyone that would recommend a TKC-80 on the rear, they grip well but melt like butter.

    wot e sed… 2x TKC-80 rears down, neither will make 2500km… tad expensive. Going to experiment with a set of Anakee Wild next, then probably a Tractionator Adventure rear and either TKC-80 or Wild front…

    I will grant…[Read more]

  • 100-120HP is my magic number, but I don’t do the really technical stuff, and clock up a lot of road km. More than 120 and I’m liable to get into trouble that I didn’t intend on. Less and I get bored.

    It’s also how your HP is delivered. CB919 probably has the least, then the R1200GSA, then the 1090R, from smoothest to punchiest as well.

  • It’s probably way too late (only 2.5 years) but perhaps it will help someone else. At least one of the screws holding the unit together is underneath the labels, so poke and prod. Once you’ve got all the screws out, it should start to feel looser. While it’s tight, you haven’t got them all.