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  • Good on you for posting this, dont hear enough stories of great service, and the food looked good too.
    Hope your V Strom is back in business.

  • I rode Jacks Pass in February and I can confirm its way easier than Jollies. Take Jollies if you want a bit of excitement after the relative calm of a Molesworth transit!

  • OldBeer replied to the topic The Rainbow Road in the forum Where to ride 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    I would try to team up with someone before doing that. My strom had 50 50 tyres and a bash plate. Im not a very good gravel rider, so i found it quite challenging. Its quite a bit different to Molesworth. I had always assumed that they are more or less the same but they’re not.

    I dont know whether the current condition is normal or whether it…[Read more]

  • OldBeer replied to the topic The Rainbow Road in the forum Where to ride 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Rode through over Feb 5 and 6. From Hanmer to Lake Tennyson is fine if a tad rougher than Molesworth. After that there are many slips, over which you need to ride in 4wd tracks. There were lots of bikes and 4wders on the road including a few 2 up on big bikes.

    For me it was a handful with a fully loaded vstrom. I stuffed up the last water…[Read more]

  • Wouldnt it be great is someone somewhere collated and checked all the motorcycle accident statistics available so we could determine whether this statement is true or not.

    Ryan F9 recently did a video where his statistics implied that you dont need to worry so much about your jacket and pants, its all about helmet gloves and boots. Worth a…[Read more]

  • <cite>@peter_longley said:</cite>
    I have a query re “Old Beer”s post re which pass to take down into Hanmer from the Molesworth road. He says Jack’s Pass is the easiest and that it is a right turn when heading off the Molesworth Rd. I have been advised the opposite!!! That the right turn is Jollies Pass. Also there is a UTube video that shows 2…

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  • Its 201kms from the Hanmer Fuel stop, through Molesworth over Taylors Pass and to the BP in Bleinheim. (google maps) So you should be fine.
    If you’re getting tight, instead of Taylors Pass go to the end of the road and hang a right into Southfuel in Seddon , thats only 187kms
    You leave Molesworth station well before hte ned and as you say you are…[Read more]

  • We definitely turned left, heading to Hanmer from Molesworth. Its all signposted so you cannot really go wrong. It makes sense that the video shows an easier descent, if they turned right, as that is not the way we went. If its dry then Jollies is not that bad. In the wet it would be a handful.

  • Depends what you call the end. If you are thinking about it then you need to take some…otherwise you will worry about it and it will spoil your day.

  • <cite>@DougieNZ said:</cite>
    Road in mostly excellent condition. One tip – don’t take the first turnoff to hanmer. More of a 4wd road than a motorcycling road. If you have a lighter bike no issue, but not for the bigger bikes IMHO.

    To clarify if I may…. when you get to the end of the Molesworth/Acheron Road there’s a sign at a left turn to J…[Read more]

  • OldBeer replied to the topic Welcome to the Forums. in the forum Chit Chat 10 months ago

    Hey Stephen

    I use the ATLogis NZ Maps app on my Samsung. I don’t use the tracks much but when I do this works a treat. Its easy to set up and not difficult to use. I’ve even managed to record a few roads with it, if I can do it anyone can. Works without your mobile data on too which means your battery will last longer, assuming you are not…[Read more]

  • OldBeer replied to the topic Lyndon Road in the forum Where to ride 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    A nice easy ride and good gravel all through as Eddie says. You can see and access Lake Coleridge from this road. Cuts out a lot of boring road if you want to go from South Canterbury over Arthurs, and vice versa.

  • OldBeer replied to the topic Thomson Gorge Road in the forum Where to ride 11 months ago

    Did this today with a friend and can confirm the stream still runs down the road. The water isnt deep but the rocks are slippery and i made a meal of the ford on the GS. The drz250 fiew through.
    Otherwise the track was great and a lot of the gates were open.

    Great day

  • Did this trip to Walter Peak and back on 25 Nov 2020.

    Its 50kms from the Lakes turn off to Walter Peak. When we zid it there were 2 fords both about up to the hubs or more. Not very wide. We rode through a couple of times. There are also a couple of fords beside narrow bridges which you can do too.

    Theres a pretty steep section with some epic…[Read more]

  • OldBeer replied to the topic Jollies Pass in the forum Where to ride 11 months, 1 week ago

    just came over Jollies from the Molesworth ina 4wd. more than interesting. back wheel of the car was a foot off the ground going over one big rut. Would be a real handful in the wet.

  • Hi Dsvid
    I googled it. Try Wild Taranaki tunnels and you get a list. G maps has some of them if you search for taranaki tunnels though it misses Uruti Kiwi and Kaka (i think).

    Andrew (who came to Motu) put a route together. Ill ask him to send it to you.

  • Stop looking everyone, I have found one.
    Thanks anyway
    See you out there

  • OldBeer replied to the topic KTM 390 Adventure in the forum KTM 1 year ago

    I havent ridden one but people who do seem to like them. If the main issue he has with it are the footpegs being tilted forwards then a pair of pivot pegs would sort that out. Given the very low price of the bike (for a KTM) then thats not too much of an ask as we almost all end up modding something.

    I disagree with him (waiting for internet…[Read more]

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  • Hi Naki boys and girls. Is there a map showing where all the tunnels are somewhere???

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