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CC Rating :
Number of Engine Cylinders :
Power (HP) :
Torque (NM) :
Dry Weight (KG) :
Wet Weight (KG) :
Power to Weight Ratio
(HP/Wet Weight) :
Seat height (CM) :
Ground Clearance (CM) :
Tank Capacity (Litres) :
Front wheel Size :
Rear Wheel Size :
Number of Gears :
LAMS Approved? :


Check out all the specs of Adventure and Dual Purpose motorcycles and discuss them.

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SWM (Speedy Working Motors)

Another resurrected italian marque, assembled in Italy, powered by Husqvarna, and financed by Shineray

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Royal Enfield

A classic British Expat now made in India

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Gas Gas

Lightweight trails and plated enduro/adventure models

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Another Italian Stallion

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Electric Motorcycles

Battery powered toys........... the way of the future?

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Harley Davidson

Will the motor company make an Adventure motorcycle?

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Large Chinese scooter and engine manufacturer and of the RX3 adventure bike, also in partnerships with Harley Davidson and Piaggio.

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Diesel Bikes

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Born in Sweden in 1988 but owned by KTM since 1995.

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Spaghetti on steroids

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Moto Guzzi

More italian 'character'

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Italian manufacturer that at one time owned Ducati and produced ducati powered adv machines, now owned by MV.

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Moto Morini

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Italian Stallions

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Pipe and slippers optional

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You meet the nicest people

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Swedish Exotica, now owned by KTM.

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Take a Harley V-Twin and mount it in a decent chassis designed by Eric Buell and you get an American Adventure Tourer.

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Mean green machines

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Drink the Orange Kool aid

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Tuning forks

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Triumph motorcycles, possibly the oldest British motorcycle brand that's still UK owned.

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Other Adventure Motorcycle Brands

Brands that don't have an active presence in the New Zealand Adventure / Dual Sport market or are small manufacturers.

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DIY / custom builds

Built it yourself? show us

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Non ADV bikes & other vehicles

Got anything else interesting in the garage?

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