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Model years 2018 - 

CC Rating : 850
Number of Engine Cylinders : 2
Power (HP) : 76.4
Torque (NM) : 83
Dry Weight (KG) :
Wet Weight (KG) : 204
Power to Weight Ratio
(HP/Wet Weight) :
Seat height (CM) : 815
Ground Clearance (CM) :
Tank Capacity (Litres) :
Front wheel Size : 19
Rear Wheel Size : 17
Number of Gears : 6
LAMS Approved? : No


BMW continued it’s confusing naming convention from the F650GS twin cylinder over to the F750GS twin, where the F750GS is actually 850cc but the engines power and torque output are detuned compared to the F850GS.

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