Armchair Adventure Festival 2020

By ChrisCole

April 24, 2020 All Day

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If you are craving Adventure Content during the Level 4 lockdown check out this UK online event.

The date is April 25th UK time so I’m not exactly sure what time in NZ it will be but it will be on the evening of the 24th NZ time.

You do need to register for this event on the https://armchairadventurefestival.com/ website.

Welcome – Get ready to sit back and adventure!

The Armchair Adventure Festival is the first ever virtual adventure festival. On the 25th of April, we will be bringing the most inspiring and interesting adventure talks from around the world straight to your armchair. With talks from top adventurers, panel discussions and workshops on all kinds of adventurous topics and some of the most exciting adventure films out there, it will be an event to remember. All you have to do to watch is sign up using the form below and then keep an eye on your emails.

The Armchair Adventure Festival is completely free. We recognise that at such a difficult time money can be tight so there is no fee to attend. All we ask is that, if you can, please make a voluntary donation to the NHS Charities Together fund to aid the fight against COVID-19.

Armchair Adventure Festival 2020
Armchair Adventure Festival 2020

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    This maybe of interest no fuel used and your bike will be no dirty at the end.

    The Armchair Adventure Festival 2020

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    This starts at 6am tomorrow morning and runs most of the weekend.

    Here’s the schedule in UK time, NZ is 11 hours ahead of the UK.


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    If you missed the Armchair Adventure Festival over the weekend you can re watch the videos on Youtube. I tuned in for several hours of the first 2 days and the presenters were fantastic but as it was overnight NZ time I didn’t see all of it.

    If you want some inspiration watch these!




    The schedule for the 3 days was as below:

    19:00 – Festival Opens – Welcome from The Sidecar Guys
    19:30 – Q&A with Steph Jeavons
    20:00 – Jamie Ramsay
    20:45 – Billy Ward
    21:30 – Wrap up from The Sidecar Guys
    21:40 – Close

    10:30 – Festival Opens – Welcome from The Sidecar Guys
    11:00 – Lisa and Simon Thomas
    11:45 – Candida Louis
    12:30 – Chaz Powell

    13:15 – Break

    13:30 – Sam Manicom Q&A with Graham Hoskins (Adventure Bike TV)
    14:00 – Olie Hunter Smart
    14:45 – The Sidecar Guys
    15:15 – Ted Simon Q&A with Paddy Tyson (Overland Event)
    15:40 – Spencer Conway and Cathy Nel Q&A with The Sidecar Guys
    16:00 – Nathan Milward
    16:45 – Elspeth Beard Q&A with Graham Hoskins (Adventure Bike TV)
    17:15 – Kinging It
    18:00 – COVID-19 Lockdown in Uganda with Tim and Marisa Notier
    18:30 – Land, Sea and Petrol panel with Tiffany Coates, Natalia Cohen and Olie Hunter Smart

    19:00 – Break

    19:30 – Claudio Von Planta Q&A with Billy Ward
    20:00 – Charley Boorman Q&A with Billy Ward
    20:30 – The Sidecar Guys Big Fat Quiz of Adventure
    21:45 – Wrap up from The Sidecar Guys
    22:00 – Close

    Sunday (Film night with The Adventure Travel Film Festival)
    18:15 – Film night introduction by The Sidecar Guys
    18:30 – Kiran Jethwa
    19:00 – Inge Solheim
    19:30 – The Road to Independence (Film)
    20:30 – Olie Hunter Smart Q&A
    20:45 – Festival wrap up from The Sidecar Guys
    21:00 – Festival close

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