Adventure Riding NZ – All South Island Tracks Pack

$12.50 inc GST

The individual South Island tracks on the Adventure riding NZ website are free to download, but there’s a lot of them so it can take quite a bit of time.

We now offer a complete download of all the South Island tracks, for a small fee to offset the convenience of not having to download them all yourself separately.
The download file is in .GPX format and is compatible with Garmin GPS units and mobile phone apps or GPS software that supports the GPX file format.

Once your order is completed your download will be available from the Your Orders page.

This is a one-off purchase and as new tracks are added to the Adventure Riding NZ website the North Island and South Island “All Tracks” Packs will be updated and you can come back and re-download the latest version as many times as you want.

All funds raised go to keeping the Adventure Riding NZ website running and free.


First Published 13/03/2020

Updated 17/03/2020 – Added Borland Road, and The Branches Road
Updated 18/03/2020 – Added Mccallums Mill Road, Piano Flat, and Tumbledown Bay Road
Updated 25/04/2020 – Added Branch River
Updated 27/05/2020 – Added Mt Patriach
Updated 10/01/2021 – Added Huntsbury Track
Updated 03/02/2021 – Added Western Valley Road
Updated 02/04/2021 – Added Macetown Road and Lake Onslow Road – Linnburn Runs Road
Updated 26/07/2021 – Added Craig Flat Road

If you have purchased this previously you can download the latest version by going to ‘Shop’ > ‘Your Orders’ in the menu then selecting ‘Downloads’ from the Your Orders page.


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