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Rider Tracking


Glympse is a free application which can be downloaded to your Android or Iphone and allows friends, family, or other riders see where you are, as long as you are within a cellphone reception area.
We have set up an Adventure Riding NZ group map where everyone that joins the
!AdventureRidingNZ Glympse group will appear on the same Glympse map as they ride.
Glympse can be used to track groups of riders meeting at a common point so you can see how far away the other riders are, or if you are late and the rest of the group has left or you get separated on the ride as long as someone in the main group is running Glympse you can find where they are and catch up.

Check out more about Glympse, how to get it, and find out how to join the
!AdventureRidingNZ Glympse group.

Spot Tracker

A Spot Tracker is a variation of Personal Locator Beacon which uses the Globalstar GPS satellite network to keep track of where you are and allows you to signal for help for help should an incident occur. For an additional yearly subscription it will also mark your position every 10 minutes on a dedicated Spot Map page so that others can follow where you are.

Check out more about our Spot Tracker.