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Adventure Riding NZ is New Zealand’s free adventure riding and dual sport community.

If you’ve got something to say, want to ask a question, organise a ride, share pictures of your bike or a ride you’ve done, or generally just want to gossip about Adventure Riding, then check out our forums. You can be posting in minutes by registering using the Register link or the social network signon buttons in the menu on the right.

If you are new to Adventure Riding, Getting started provides some things to consider when choosing an adventure bike, accessorising your adventure bike and looking after your bike and yourself. Plus there’s also Adventure Motorcycle Specs listings to help you research what bike may be right for you.


On the Spot Tracker page you can follow us if we are out for a ride, or if you are with us your family and friends can follow along via the online tracking the Spot Tracker provides. GPS Tracks & Rides allows you to find & download new tracks around the country for your Garmin GPS, and submit your own GPX files from your Garmin GPS for other riders to find new places to ride.

Social Networks covers our Google+ community, Facebook News page and Facebook group. If Google+ or Facebook are your thing take a look and join our conversations online! We are also on Twitter and have over 100 ride videos on YouTube from all over New Zealand.

Want to get your motorcycle license? want to import a motorcycle into New Zealand? we can point you in the right direction on the Useful links page.

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