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Getting started

What is Adventure Riding?

Adventure Riding, or Dual Sport Riding as our American friends refer to it, combines riding sealed roads with unsealed/gravel roads and riding off road, all on the same road registered motorcycle.  The amount of sealed versus unsealed/off road riding that is required for it to be an adventure is up to the individual.

There’s a lot to consider when starting out Adventure riding, unlike other areas of motorcycling where the bikes are generally role specific, for adventure riding the motorcycle you choose, the accessories you add to it, the tyres you fit to it, all have to cope with both riding on the road on a firm relatively flat surface,and riding off road where the surface conditions could vary around every corner. This is where the term ‘dual purpose’ comes from, motorcycles used for adventure riding have to cope with multiple riding purposes & terrain.

These pages in the ‘Getting Started’ section provide a overview of some of the things to consider if you are looking to take up adventure riding.

Choosing an adventure bike
Things to consider when buying your first adventure bike.

‘Farkling’ (Functionally Accessorising) your adventure bike
Modifying your adventure bike to suit YOU and the riding you do.

Tools, Spares and other equipment
A quick rundown on tools that may be handy to carry in case of incidents or breakdowns while out riding.

Licensing, importing, training and other stuff
Information about getting your motorcycle license in New Zealand, where to find information about importing motorcycles, handy training links and various useful links.

Adventure Motorcycle specifications
Seat height, weight, wheel sizes, power, torque and other information about adventure bikes.