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Adventure Riding NZ is New Zealand’s free Adventure Riding and Dual Sport motorcycling community.


Check out our forums to ask a question, organise a ride, share pictures of your bike or a ride you’ve done, or if you just want to discuss Adventure Riding.
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If you are new to Adventure Riding, explore things to consider when choosing an adventure bike, once you have your bike what handy extras you might want to accessorise your adventure bike with, and some tips on looking after your bike and yourself while riding. We’ve also got a huge Adventure Motorcycle Specs table to help you research what bike may be right for you.

Investigate our large collection of North and South Island tracks documented with free GPS track downloads for each track, plus there’s a community built map of every gravel road in New Zealand and a New Zealand T2B(Top 2 Bottom) route is under development which you can contribute to or download, plus there’s lots of info in our forums.
You need to be registered to access and download the track information but it’s all free.