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North Island tracks map

Tracks in the North Island tend to be country gravel or unmaintained roads rather than the epic back country trails the South Island has.
There’s still plenty of fun to be had however and lots of places to get experience some varied terrain, including quite a few beaches.

Use the map below to find tracks in your area of interest. Click on a track for a short description and a link to the full page writeup and to download free GPS tracks.

Each track is rated for it’s type, composition, advised rider experience level on different sized machines and whether river crossings are involved using these options:
Track type: (Gravel road/dirt track/Beach or any combination)
Track composition: (smooth/bumpy/rough, firm/loose/muddy, flat/undulating/steep)
Would the track be particularly slippery when wet? (Y/N)
Suitable for <650cc? (beginner/intermediate/experienced)
Suitable for >650cc? (beginner/intermediate/experienced)
Are there river crossings on this track? (Y/N)

Key: Sealed Road,  Graveled/Metaled Road,  Sand/Beach, Dirt track.