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How to share your GPS Tracks

GPS track files can be emailed to
Any GPS track files submitted must be from a GPS or GPS phone app generated you rode the track, they cannot be downloaded from another website or source.

Each track submitted should have at least a 1-2 paragraph description about the track, the track name for a start and outlining any special features like great views, difficult spots, gates, location, interesting features etc. Something that tells other members about the track and why it’s good to ride.

Submitted GPS tracklogs do not have to be edited, I can do that. however if the GPS tracklogs are not edited please provide some information about the start and end points of the track you are submitting, e.g a road junction at the start and end point.

We also need some specific information to be included with GPS tracks sent in for sharing on the Adventure Riding NZ website. This detail is required so that other riders what skill levels are required, what the track terrain is like etc.

The following information should be included for each track:

  • Track name:
  •  Description: (As above)
  •  Track type: (Choose 1: Gravel road/dirt track/beach)
  •  Track composition (Choose one from each group that best applies: smooth/bumpy/rough, firm/loose/muddy, flat/undulating/steep)
  •  Would the track be particularly slippery when wet e.g. due to papa clay? (Y/N)
  •  Rider experience level recquired for <650cc? (Choose 1: beginner/intermediate/experienced)
  •  Rider experience level for >650cc? (Choose 1: beginner/intermediate/experienced)
  •  Are there river crossings on the track? (Y/N)
  •  Contributed by: (Your Adventure Riding NZ website username)

If you took any photo’s while riding the track send those in as well, it makes a track much mkore appealing with photo’s and gives riders amn idea of what they are in for. If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo include a link to that too.

For each GPS unique tracklog you submit you’ll earn 100 community points, community points reflect how much you have contributed to the website.

If you’ve ridden any good tracks in Australia we can consider loading those too if there is interest!

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    • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
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    GPS track files can be emailed to There are some requirements for a track to be able to be used on the site, these require
    [See the full post at: How to share your GPS Tracks]


    George Drayton
    • Location: Canterbury
    • Bike: F800GSA
    • Rank: 80cc Rider

    I’ve downloaded the Map as you describe and select it so it is displaying my area of Christchurch. Having never used a GPS – what do I do now? I have downloaded the manual but it doesn’t seem to tell me a lot of what to do but describes things I know nothing asbout in a long selection of jargon words. regards George


    • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    Hi George

    What software are you using, Mapsource or Basecamp?
    There should be a line on the map showing where you went.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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